Equity, Diversity & Inclusion at SOM

The world has changed radically since we opened our doors 85 years ago. While the architecture, design, and engineering industry has seen great disruption over this period, most workplaces and practices, including our own, haven’t seen enough change. The continued underrepresentation of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in our industry and our offices is a clear sign that we haven’t done enough to create a truly equitable and diverse culture at SOM. We have spent time listening and learning, reflecting on our priorities, design practices, and internal policies. Through a collaborative grassroots effort with SOM members of NOMA and many other passionate colleagues, we collectively developed an action plan to bring meaningful change to our profession, starting with our own culture and practices.

Speaking Up to Create Change in Our Industry

Our voices, actions, and choices can make a difference beyond our own workplace. We will use our influence to pave the way toward a more just, transparent, and inclusive industry by identifying and addressing the root causes of the lack of diversity in AEC—steering away from one-off initiatives and instead focusing on sustainable, long-term change.